We now have established machine installations with equipment that meet and exceed industry standards and serving the most distinguished customers.
YOUNGPOOL Technology Co.,Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer awarded as one of the top New Technology Enterprise company nationally. With an elite team of research and development, production, sales and services, we focus our best capabilities to the electronic manufacturing industry.
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YOUNGPOOL's flagship machines ranging from Intelligent Automatic SMT Splicing Machine, SMT Laser Marking machine, SMT Solder Paste Printing machine and SMT Vacuum Degassing Machine. Adhering to the design principle of "User Friendly, Reliability, Intelligent", the company aims to provide the industry with the best performance equipment, helping customers reduce the cost of equipment ownership with no compromise on yield improvement and production efficiency.
An automotive electronics maker has teamed up with Yongpool Technology to win at least 600 million or ders
An automotive electronics maker has teamed up with Yongpool Technology to win at least 600 million or ders
In today’s society, the car has become a means of transportation for everyone, as essential as mobile phones, but the quality of the car seriously affects the life and safety of users, so any slight defect will attract the attention of manufacturers! Auto industry has been faced with a difficult problem in production, that is after the dispensing, coating process, there is a lot of air bubbles in the glue residue problem, has been troubled auto makers for years, belong to the industry problems, there has been no find good solutions, only by constantly replace glue and reduce the spraying quantity, reduce the speed of the production! Youngpool science and technology statistical research, designed the N-800A vacuum defoaming machine, the use of vacuum principle, the bubble from the glue out. After three months of repeated testing and improvement, the equipment finally reached the production line production needs, and successfully for customers to win at least 600 million orders, customers are very satisfied with our equipment! Efforts to research and development, sincere cooperation, we are the manufacturer has been bought 3 devices used in the production, after we cooperate, manufacturers order continues to increase, the demand of production line, program and two (2) the increase of N - 800 - a vacuum defoaming machine needs, our customer orders increased, also give us an order, is really a win-win cooperation! If you have bubble trouble, welcome to communicate with us to negotiate ~
A large OEM company purchased 5 sets of L-900 feeder from Yangpu Technology
A large OEM company purchased 5 sets of L-900 feeder from Yangpu Technology
Nowadays, workshop plays a very important role in remanufacturing enterprises. Workshop is an important link in determining production efficiency and product quality, and it is often the organization with the largest number of employees in enterprises. With the development of intelligent workshop, the requirement for personnel's ability is getting higher and higher, and the recruitment is getting more and more difficult, and the cost is getting higher and higher. So some jobs that can be replaced by machines are gradually being replaced! Youngpool science and technology L-900 intelligent feeder can achieve 8-24mm variable width material belt feeding, the machine pass rate in more than 98%, caused the attention of a large OEM company, after 2-3 months of negotiations and testing, Yangpu science and technology L-900 feeder can simultaneously meet the paper tape and rubber tape feeding, The field test of overpass yield reached 99.7%. After the production line site feedback, a shift originally received materials up to 88 times, after using Youngpool technology receiving machine, the number of receiving materials reduced to 4 times, reduce operator pressure up to 95%, fully applicable to the customer workshop use! The customer company not only tested the loading of the material, but also evaluated the battery: The battery used by Youngpool technology receiving machine is really safe lithium battery, in line with the NATIONAL standard GB/36972-2018, after CE, UN38.2 certification, life and safety are relatively high, standby time up to 24H, battery life up to 16H, after the actual use of equipment, confirm no power, continuous use, The battery can last more than one shift, with a single battery charging time of 5-6h. After the above evaluation data and on-site use, customers have successively purchased five L-900 sets from our company for production. The cooperation is still going on. We will try our best to serve our customers well. Your convenience is the meaning of our efforts!
A well-known mobile phone enterprise ordered Youngpool technology laser marking machine 100+
A well-known mobile phone enterprise ordered Youngpool technology laser marking machine 100+
Laser marking as a modern precision machining method, compared with the traditional processing method, has incomparable advantages: Laser marking has the characteristics of permanent identification, non-contact processing, wide applicability, high precision engraving, low operating cost, high processing efficiency, simple operation, high flexibility, stable performance, environmental protection, especially the marking out of the picture and text delicate and beautiful, not wipe, not due to environmental relations or time for a long time and fade, Especially suitable for fineness, depth, smoothness of the higher requirements of the field! Therefore, a well-known mobile phone enterprise within a year 4 times successively signed 100+ sets of marking machine for production line production from Yongpool Technology, improve product quality and work efficiency, for the production of mobile phone to upgrade the grade!
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Thank you for seeing you at the Productronica MunichIndustry News
Thank you for seeing you at the Productronica Munich Nov 24, 2021
The 4-day Productronica Munich has come to a successful end. Xavier, overseas marketing director of Youngpool Technology, Brought wonderful explanation and equipment sharing to us. If you have any need, Please contact us! The following is the share of the exhibition site If you still want to know more about our equipment, please call us. Of course, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to us at the APEX Exhibition in THE United States on January 25-27, 2022.
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Invites you to get together in Huizhou with wonderful sharingIndustry News
Invites you to get together in Huizhou with wonderful sharing Aug 11, 2021
INVITATION Thank you for your support and love to Youngpool Technology, we sincerely invite you to attend this industry seminar, together to understand the industry development trend and the latest technology update! On November 26, 2021, we gather together in Huizhou, China, to seize the new generation of information technology, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, adhere to the innovation-driven, with the elite, through face-to face communication, you will find new partners, discover new ideas, promote cooperation and communication. We sincerely look forward to your visit! YOUNGPOOL Technology Co., Ltd November 18, 2021 The following is the technology sharing brought by Yangpool Technology in this conference. Interested friends welcome to come to negotiate.
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YOUNGPOOL Technology invites you to Productronica 2021Industry News
YOUNGPOOL Technology invites you to Productronica 2021 Aug 11, 2021
Productronica 2021 Biennial Productronica Munich will be held at Productronica 2021. As a pioneer in the electronics manufacturing industry, We welcome you to join us at Productronica Munich. Company Name: YOUNGPOOL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Booth NO: HALL A3 , BOOTH 128 The show will begin from Tuesday 16th of November and continues to Friday 19th of November for 4 days straight. The expected range of attendees includes 1560 exhibitors from 43 countries and roughly 50000 visitors from 96 countries. The following is the exhibition situation of Youngpool Technology, Welcome to negotiate with us! This scene can see our Company’s latest L-900 multi-function Splicing Machine, Can live demonstration, can be 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm variety of specifications of tape (Paper tape and Plastic tape), No training is required with FPY up to 98% or more. Welcome to book DEMO. Youngpool Technology products are independent research and development, in order to “Make electronic Manufacturing Simpler!" For the vision of the enterprise, the products include laser marking machine, vacuum degassing machine, aiming to provide the industry with the best performance of equipment, help customers reduce the cost of equipment import and use, effectively improve yield and production efficiency.
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With perseverance, YOUNGPOO Technology Suzhou Seminar was a complete success.Industry News
With perseverance, YOUNGPOO Technology Suzhou Seminar was a complete success. Aug 11, 2021
The Suzhou Forum on June 10, 2021 was a complete success. Although the epidemic has not been resolved in China, the venue is still crowded. YOUNGPOOL technology as the leader of intelligent manufacturing, Mr. Xiong Hanqing, sales director of Yangpu Technology, shared "automation technology for industry 4.0" with industry guests present at 11:00 am. In the information age, how to maximize the role of information, how to make overall arrangements through data statistics, improve the utilization rate of personnel and other problems, corresponding solutions are given. The more excellent people, the more hard to study! Times are progressing, we need to keep charging, keep learning, to catch up with the pace of The Times! Come on, young man! YOUNGPOOL science and technology main feeder, Laser Marking Machine solder paste printing machine, bring your questions, July 15, we see DongGuan! There will be a wonderful demonstration on the spot Let's study and make progress together.
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Say goodbye to 2021 and welcome the New Year!Industry News
Say goodbye to 2021 and welcome the New Year! Jan 24, 2022
        Looking back at 2021, the winter of the industry, Youngpool Technology is also very difficult, not afraid of difficulties, courageously forward! – is the belief of Youngpool Technology, no matter how difficult the past year, we have come step by step, and will continue to work hard!         On January 22, 2022, Youngpool Technology will hold a dinner party to bid farewell to 2021 and welcome 2022! I hope that the hardships of the past become a stepping stone for us to better, so that our tomorrow is more beautiful!         Here is a partial presentation of the dinner: [Host:Jiafu You] [General Speech By Liang] [R&D] [Sales Department] [Management Department] [Supply Chain Department] [Customer Service Department] [Winner of Outstanding Advanced Individual Award] Finally, let’s raise our glasses and cheer for 2022! Hopefully 2022 will bring us new achievements. Let’s shine in 2022!
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Spring Festival holiday notice of YOUNGPOOL TechnologyIndustry News
Spring Festival holiday notice of YOUNGPOOL Technology Jan 22, 2022
Under the influence of the epidemic, all industries are in the cold winter of the economy. I hope that the cold winter of this year can slowly recede with the arrival of the New Year and usher in the warm Spring of 2022 ! Spring Festival will come, YOUNGPOOL Technology is ready to go home for the holiday, many employees expect to January 23, on-the-job personnel only 1/2 of at ordinary times, so some services may be delayed until years later back for the arrangement, give you cause inconvenience, small make up on behalf of the company to say sorry, there is demand can telephone contact, Youngpool Technology staff 24 hours for your online service ! The following is the Spring Festival holiday notice of Youngpool Technology, please check~~ In 2022, YOUNGPOOL Technology will break the waves and fight the future !
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Welcome 2022, I wish you have a happy New Year' Day!Industry News
Welcome 2022, I wish you have a happy New Year' Day! Dec 28, 2021
Welcome New Year' Day, Send you blessings! Youngpool Technology wish you have a happy New Year~ May all your wishes come true! The following is the New Year holiday notice of Youngpool Technology, Please check~
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Merry Christmas Industry News
Merry Christmas Dec 23, 2021
Merry Christmas from Youngpool Technology!
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