Youngpool Technology Shines at CEIA Innovation Forum in Wuhan, Demonstrating Technological Innovation Strength

Jul 05, 2024

On July 4th, Youngpool Technology was invited to participate in the CEIA Innovation Forum on "High Reliability & Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Packaging & System Integration" held in Wuhan. At the forum, Youngpool Technology showcased its strong capabilities in technological innovation, impressing industry elites and business representatives alike. The forum brought together numerous professionals to discuss industry trends and cutting-edge technologies. As a leading enterprise in the SMT industry, Youngpool Technology not only actively engaged in discussions but also captured widespread attention with its outstanding technologies in intelligent Splicing System, Laser Marking System, Vacuum Degassing System, and Dry Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

During the forum, Youngpool Technology highlighted its latest developments  intelligent Splicing System, Laser Marking System, Vacuum Degassing System. These innovative products earned unanimous praise for their efficiency, precision, and reliability. The intelligent Splicing System, equipped with advanced control systems and efficient automation, provides high-quality and cost-effective solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. The Laser Marking System, known for their high precision and efficiency, find broad applications in electronics, automotive, medical, and other industries. Meanwhile, the powerful Vacuum Degassing System ensures the reliability and stability of electronic products, garnering favor among numerous enterprises.

Youngpool Technology's impressive performance at the forum not only showcased its excellence in technological innovation but also underscored its profound insights and forward-thinking in industry development. Participants expressed that Youngpool Technology's products and technologies inject new vitality into the industry, promising to drive advancements and upgrades in the SMT sector.

The resounding success of the Wuhan forum has not only enhanced Youngpool Technology's visibility and influence within the industry but also laid a solid foundation for its future development. Youngpool Technology remains committed to its principles of user-friendly, reliable, and intelligent design, continuing to innovate and deliver superior technologies to meet the needs of its customers.

About Youngpool Technology:

Youngpool Technology Co., Ltd. is a standard equipment supplier focusing on the electronic manufacturing industry, integrating research and development, production, sales, and service. It is a national high-tech enterprise.

The company has five product series: intelligent material feeding, laser marking, vacuum bubble removal, dry ultrasonic cleaning, and plasma cleaning. Adhering to the design principle of "easy to use, reliable, and intelligent", the company aims to provide the best-performing equipment for the industry, helping customers reduce equipment import and usage costs, and effectively improve yield and production efficiency.

Meeting customers' continuously increasing efficiency and quality requirements is the purpose of our development, and promoting industry progress is the unchanged mission of Youngpool. Becoming an indispensable force in the electronic manufacturing industry is our constant pursuit.

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