Automatic Laser Marking Machine

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M2-900 Automatic SMT Laser Marking Machine

M2-900 Automatic SMT Laser Marking Machine is Online Fully Automatic Printing Machine.It is a professional equipment for printing 1D code, QR code, text, symbol or graphic on the surface of PCB.

● Generate high-quality 1D and 2D codes, text, logos, optical characters, etc

● 4 types of laser (CO2, UV, Green & Fibre) available for optimal performance

● Support Top and Bottom dual-head configuration for greater flexibility and throughput

● Standard dual-camera configuration, simultaneous reading and marking to enhance throughput and quality

● Equipped with fume detection

● Safety enclosure with interlock switches that prevents pollution of the shop floor

● Optional dual conveyor configuration for higher throughput and greater flexibility

● Optional Z axis for additional flexibility in marking on different part heights

● Separate dust collector comes in standard

● High efficiency, create high quality marks, easy to maintain


Model No





Laser Type





Wave Length

10.6 (μm)9.3μm Optional

355 (nm)

532 (nm)

1064 (nm)center wavelength

Laser Output Power (W)





Laser Spot Diameter (μm)

80, 110, 140


Scanning Speed (mm/s)



Repeatability (μm)


PCB Top Side Clearance (mm)


PCB Bottom Side Clearance (mm)


Conveyor Height (mm)


Barcode Reader

CCD on-line Detection

Barcode Type

1D, 2D RSS codes, numbers, text, graphics

Applicable Materials

Resin, Rubber, Plastic & Paper

Resin, Rubber, Plastic, Paper & Metal

PCB / Substrate Thickness (mm)

0.2 ~ 6

Minimum PCB Size (mm)

50 × 50

Max PCB Size (mm)

Single and dual head500(X) x 450(Y) w/ Flipper350(X) x 350(Y)

Single Conveyor Marking Field (mm)

Top side: 280(X) x 580(Y)

Top side: 215(X) x 580(Y)

Top side: 240(X) x 580(Y)

Bottom side: 220(X) x 580(Y)

Bottom side: 215(X) x 580(Y)

Bottom side: 240(X) x 580(Y)

w/ Flipper: 280(X) x 420(Y)

w/ Flipper: 235(X) x 420(Y)

w/ Flipper: 260(X) x 420(Y)

Dual Conveyor Marking Field (mm)

Top side: 280(X) x 260(Y)

Top side: 215(X) x 260(Y)

Top side: 240(X) x 260(Y)

Bottom side: 220(X) x 260(Y)

Bottom side: 215(X) x 260(Y)

Bottom side: 240(X) x 260(Y)

Dual Conveyor

Available as Option

Auto Z-axis Adjustment

Available as Option

Integrated Board Flipper

Optional (not compatible with dual-head option)

Large FOV Camera

Available as Option


Available as Option

Dual Laser Light Source (dual head , designated by DH on model no.)

Optional (not compatible with integrated board flipper)

Cooling Type

Air Cooling

Air Cooling / Water Cooling

Air Cooling

Power Supply

220V / single-Phase / 50Hz / 8A

Air Pressure (bar)


Weight (kg)

Approx. 600

Dimensions (mm)

800(W)×1,670(D)×1,435(H) (not including leveling pads )

Illustrations of Laser Marking Machine

[Dual conveyor configuration]

[Dual-head Configuration]

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● All specifications are subject to change as a result of technical developments or advances. For questions on our products, please contact Youngpool Technonlogy ( or our local representative(s)

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