A well-known mobile phone enterprise ordered Youngpool technology laser marking machine 100+

Mar 21, 2019

Laser marking as a modern precision machining method, compared with the traditional processing method, has incomparable advantages: Laser marking has the characteristics of permanent identification, non-contact processing, wide applicability, high precision engraving, low operating cost, high processing efficiency, simple operation, high flexibility, stable performance, environmental protection, especially the marking out of the picture and text delicate and beautiful, not wipe, not due to environmental relations or time for a long time and fade, Especially suitable for fineness, depth, smoothness of the higher requirements of the field!

Therefore, a well-known mobile phone enterprise within a year 4 times successively signed 100+ sets of marking machine for production line production from Yongpool Technology, improve product quality and work efficiency, for the production of mobile phone to upgrade the grade!

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