The automotive electronics manufacturer in cooperation continues to purchase 2 defoaming machines

Jan 25, 2022

Vacuum Degassing Machine is Youngpool Technology independent research and development of new products, designed for dispensing or coating process, removing the PCB on the surface of a bubble and developed special equipment, can improve the stability of the products and components to help prevent oxidation, also belong to custom for customers, this N-800A Vacuum Degassing Machine after 3 years of time has become a stable performance. It is a standardized product with satisfactory defoaming effect. In order to solve the problem of residual bubbles on PCB board for automotive electronics enterprises, Youngpool Technology specially announces the information to everyone, so that more friends who need to know the existence of this device, so as to eliminate bubbles for you !

In recent days, an automotive electronics manufacturer, which has been cooperating with the company, has submitted an order to buy two more Vacuum Degassing Machine after purchasing four! One buy back after another deepens our cooperation and enhances the reputation of this automotive electronics manufacturer among customers. The last purchase, has brought at least 600 million orders, then this buyback, will also have a good benefit!

If you are also an automotive electronics manufacturer, please contact us to learn about our Vacuum Degassing Machine~~ Maybe you will bring unexpected barvest!

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