A mobile ODM enterprise ordered Yongpool Technology Laser Marking Machine 3 sets

Apr 20, 2018

With the development of electronic industry, people’s requirements for mobile phones are getting higher and higher!

Mobile phone volume becomes smaller and smaller, thinner and thinner at the same time, the performance of mobile phone requirements are becoming higher and higher! Mobile phone integration demand is increasing, so components want to trace, be sure to mark small and dense ccomponents!

Youngpool Technology Laser Marking Machine is very good in the use of here, 0 supplies, small print size, the minimum can hit 0.5mm*0.5mm two-dimensional code size, high definition, permanent retention, not easy to damage, is the best choice for mobile phone electronics industry!

A mobile phone ODM enterprise in a detailed understanding of Youngpool Technology Laser Marking Machine, after the on-site DEMO test, finally decided to buy 3 sets for mobile phone production line production, online type code, convenient and fast and improve production efficiency!

If you have not used our Laser Marking Machine, then be sure to understand!

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