Mobile Communications

Aug 11, 2021

With the development of The Times, mobile phones have become a necessary single product for everyone, and the safety and practicability of mobile phones have also become very important. Therefore, the supplier of each part has become very important. Different batches of products, different suppliers, so the marks on the parts have become particularly important!

With the demand of market application, the past screen printing process is gradually replaced by laser marking machine, laser marking as a modern precision processing method, compared with screen printing, mechanical engraving, electrical discharge machining and other traditional processing methods, has incomparable advantages.

Laser marking has identified a permanent, non-contact processing, wide applicability, sculpture, high precision, low operation cost, high efficiency, simple operation, high flexibility, stable performance, environmental protection and other characteristics, especially the marking out the graphic delicate and beautiful, not to wipe, will not fade by environmental relations or time for a long time, Especially suitable for fineness, depth, smoothness of the higher requirements of the field!

The mobile phone adopts laser marking machine, which can not only improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, but also increase the added value of the product, so that the mobile phone looks higher grade and has a sense of brand.

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