Auto Electronics

Aug 11, 2021

In recent years, grate changes have taken place in the global automobile industry, mainly reflected in the globalization of automobile market and manufacturing, including the technology transfer of original equipment manufacturers, global production and processing and material procurement, and worldwide distribution channels.

At the same time, because customer demand directly and strongly drives the whole process of product development, production, sales and service, and automobile quality seriously affects the life and safety of customers, so we pay more attention to the standardization and reliability of automobile product parts!

Circuit board is the core components of automotive products, the car’s driving and braking are inseparable from the connection of circuit board, circuit board is equivalent to the brain of the car, so the quality of circuit board is directly related to the safety of the car and the personal safety of the user.

Due to the many components on the circuit board, contact with the air, very easy to be oxidized, thus forming a short circuit and other faults, so the use of glue coating application on the circuit board is very important.

As we all know, UV glue has been widely used in circuit board coating, but the bubble problem after the glue coating has been plaguing the manufacturer, the bubble on the circuit board after coating means there is the risk of oxidation! Youngpool Technology N-800A Vacuum Degassing machine is a can help car manufacturers to remove bubbles of equipment, this equipment has successfully completed the task of bubble in some automotive electronics manufacturers, by the customer’s recognition and praise.

So Yongpool Technology N-800A Vacuum Degassing Machine is a good helper of dispensing process, coating process, can overcome the problem of bubbles after dispensing, coating, for your car production process escort.

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