Aug 11, 2021

Since the 20th century, with the digital development of computer science and information technology, medical electronics are closely related to our life, the stability and accuracy of medical equipment directly affect our physical and mental health! Medical equipment belongs to a precise branch of electronic equipment, Yongpool Technology’s products are used in precision equipment, such as mobile phones, automotive electronics, semiconductors, of course, also including medical equipment!

Laser marking machine can make accurate traceability of the device every component, will not fade for a long time, laser marking has identified a permanent, non-contact processing, wide adaptability, high precision carving, low running cost, high efficiency, simple operation, stable performance, environmental protection etc., especially suitable for precision, depth and smoothness to demand higher field.

The accuracy of the medical industry requires that the equipment must be marked for traceability, Youngpool Technology laser marking equipment fully meet the requirements of the medical industry.

Youngpool Technology in addition to laser marking machine can meet the production needs of medical electronic equipment, automatic feeding technology is the first industry! The price of electronic equipment is expensive, the price of medical electronic equipment is more expensive. How to reduce the price of equipment? Mainly to reduce the production cost of equipment! Electronic equipment production line is very expensive, high precision, especially the placement machine is the core equipment of production line of body, the traditional manual picking zone, slow speed, not only affects the running speed of the equipment, but also seriously affect the material quality of material of the pass, and finished product is unqualified, will affect the placement machine operation, causing the whole line of disabled body, Bring great loss to equipment manufacturing enterprises.

The automatic feeder invented by Youngpool Technology can effectively avoid the shutdown problem caused by the material belt, and can complete the 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm material belt for feeding, feeding success, can reach more than 98% of the machine pass rate, avoid the economic loss caused by the connection of the material belt, can reduce the production cost for medical equipment manufacturers. Improve production efficiency, thus can reduce the market price of equipment!

The products of Youngpool Technology can effectively reduce the production cost of medical electronic equipment, make the difficulty of seeing a doctor become a thing of the past, and make the electronics manufacturing simpler.

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