An automotive electronics maker has teamed up with Yongpool Technology to win at least 600 million or ders

Dec 05, 2019

In today’s society, the car has become a means of transportation for everyone, as essential as mobile phones, but the quality of the car seriously affects the life and safety of users, so any slight defect will attract the attention of manufacturers!

Auto industry has been faced with a difficult problem in production, that is after the dispensing, coating process, there is a lot of air bubbles in the glue residue problem, has been troubled auto makers for years, belong to the industry problems, there has been no find good solutions, only by constantly replace glue and reduce the spraying quantity, reduce the speed of the production!

Youngpool science and technology statistical research, designed the N-800A vacuum defoaming machine, the use of vacuum principle, the bubble from the glue out. After three months of repeated testing and improvement, the equipment finally reached the production line production needs, and successfully for customers to win at least 600 million orders, customers are very satisfied with our equipment!

Efforts to research and development, sincere cooperation, we are the manufacturer has been bought 3 devices used in the production, after we cooperate, manufacturers order continues to increase, the demand of production line, program and two (2) the increase of N - 800 - a vacuum defoaming machine needs, our customer orders increased, also give us an order, is really a win-win cooperation!

If you have bubble trouble, welcome to communicate with us to negotiate ~

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