A large OEM company purchased 5 sets of L-900 feeder from Yangpu Technology

Aug 20, 2020

Nowadays, workshop plays a very important role in remanufacturing enterprises. Workshop is an important link in determining production efficiency and product quality, and it is often the organization with the largest number of employees in enterprises. With the development of intelligent workshop, the requirement for personnel's ability is getting higher and higher, and the recruitment is getting more and more difficult, and the cost is getting higher and higher. So some jobs that can be replaced by machines are gradually being replaced!

Youngpool science and technology L-900 intelligent feeder can achieve 8-24mm variable width material belt feeding, the machine pass rate in more than 98%, caused the attention of a large OEM company, after 2-3 months of negotiations and testing, Yangpu science and technology L-900 feeder can simultaneously meet the paper tape and rubber tape feeding, The field test of overpass yield reached 99.7%.

After the production line site feedback, a shift originally received materials up to 88 times, after using Youngpool technology receiving machine, the number of receiving materials reduced to 4 times, reduce operator pressure up to 95%, fully applicable to the customer workshop use!

The customer company not only tested the loading of the material, but also evaluated the battery: The battery used by Youngpool technology receiving machine is really safe lithium battery, in line with the NATIONAL standard GB/36972-2018, after CE, UN38.2 certification, life and safety are relatively high, standby time up to 24H, battery life up to 16H, after the actual use of equipment, confirm no power, continuous use, The battery can last more than one shift, with a single battery charging time of 5-6h.

After the above evaluation data and on-site use, customers have successively purchased five L-900 sets from our company for production. The cooperation is still going on. We will try our best to serve our customers well. Your convenience is the meaning of our efforts!

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