YOUNGPOOL Technology | The Labor Day holiday Notice

Apr 28, 2022

As the Labor Day holiday approaches

Dear friends under the impact of the epidemic

All want to fly their own ~~

Although the current outbreak in Shenzhen has been brought under control

But we cannot let down our guard

The epidemic situation in China remains grim

To safeguard hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control

On April 26, Shenzhen issued the latest travel notice for May Day

The general public is encouraged to stay deep for the festival

Do not travel across cities or provinces unless necessary

Personnel from outside shenzhen

Proof of negative nucleic acid test for 48 hours is required......

YOUNGPOOL Technology complies with the instructions of the Party

Advocate for colleagues and friends

Do not travel across cities or provinces unless necessary

The following is the holiday notice of Yangpu Technology

I hope you can find, in the limited space,

The possibilities are endless!

YOUNGPOOL Technology to everyone: happy Labor Day!

YOUNGPOOL Technology Introduction:

YOUNGPOOL Technology Co.,Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer awarded as one of the top New Technology Enterprise company nationally. With an elite team of research and development, production, sales and services, we focus our best capabilities to the electronic manufacturing industry.

Our flagship machines ranging from Intelligent Automatic Splicing Machine, Laser Marking machine, Solder Paste Printing machine and Vacuum Degassing Machine. Adhering to the design principle of "User Friendly, Reliability, Intelligent", the company aims to provide the industry with the best performance equipment, helping customers reduce the cost of equipment ownership with no compromise on yield improvement and production efficiency.

To meet customers' continuous requirement on efficiency and quality improvement is the main purpose of our development and to promote the progressiveness of the industry is our constant mission. At YoungPool, we constantly pursuit to be the technology leader of China which cannot be ignored in the electronic manufacturing industry.

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