Welcome Computime’s Customers to Visit Youngpool Technology Factory

Jun 29, 2023

We are delighted to have the company’s high-level executives from Computime travel all the way to China on June 29, 2023, for a visit and guidance at our facility.

The visit was led by Shirley Zeng, accompanied by Petter Wang, and Kelly Shi as hosts. Firstly, Shirley provided an introduction to our company’s background and an overview, by a fruitful Q&A session and pleasant interactions. Secondly, during the visit, the customers had the firsthand experience of our renowned L-4 Splicing Machine and the newly launched ultrasonic PCB cleaning machine, witnessing the charm of innovative technologies. As the host, we are extremely honored by your visit and hope that this tour will bring you fresh inspiration and benefits.

Now let’s review the highlights of this visit:

First and foremost, let’s recall the impressive demonstration of the L-4 Splicing Machine. As an outstanding representative of Youngpool Technology Factory, the L-4 Splicing Machine has received unanimous recognition from our customers for its exceptional advanced technology and innovative thinking. During the visit, you witnessed the high-efficiency operation and precise movements of the L-4 Splicing Machine. This device integrates advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and precise mechanical control systems, enabling full automation of material feeding and LCR measurement. In terms of accuracy, efficiency, and work quality, the L-4 Splicing Machine demonstrates remarkable advantages.

The unexpected discovery during the visit was the ultrasonic PCB cleaning machine. This newly launched product utilizes ultrasonic technology for online, contactless, and consumable-free dust removal. It represents Youngpool Technology’s unique cleaning solution for PCBs.

Youngpool Technology Factory is dedicated to driving innovation and development in the SMT industry, continuously investing in technological research and development. We welcome everyone to visit and provide guidance. Once again, we extend our gratitude to the high-level executives from Computime for their visit, allowing us to strengthen our cooperation.


Introduction to Youngpool Technology:

YOUNGPOOL Technology Co.,Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer awarded as one of the top New Technology Enterprise company nationally. With an elite team of research and development, production, sales and services, we focus our best capabilities to the electronic manufacturing industry.

Our flagship machines ranging from Intelligent Automatic Splicing Machine, Laser Marking machine, Laser Depaneling Machine and Vacuum Degassing Machine. Adhering to the design principle of "User Friendly, Reliability, Intelligent", the company aims to provide the industry with the best performance equipment, helping customers reduce the cost of equipment ownership with no compromise on yield improvement and production efficiency.

To meet customers' continuous requirement on efficiency and quality improvement is the main purpose of our development and to promote the progressiveness of the industry is our constant mission. At YoungPool, we constantly pursuit to be the technology leader of China which cannot be ignored in the electronic manufacturing industry.

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