2024 Youngpool Technology New Year Holiday

Jan 27, 2024

      Dear partners and colleagues,

      As the New Year approaches, we would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation and support throughout the year. In order to provide everyone with a longer holiday period, Youngpool Technology has decided to arrange Chinese New Year holiday. The details are as follows:

      Youngpool Technology, a company dedicated to innovation and excellence, specializes in producing intelligent Splicing Machine, Laser Marking Machines, Vacuum Degassing Machines, Laser Depaneling Machines, and PCB cleaning machines, aiming to simplify the electronic manufacturing process in the SMT industry. Over the past year, we have achieved great success, which would not have been possible without the efforts and dedication of every employee, as well as the cooperation and support from all our partners.

      In the coming year, we will continue to strive for innovation and pursue excellence. We believe that only through unity and hard work can we achieve greater breakthroughs and development. We hope that everyone can take this holiday to rest, relax, and enjoy the precious time with their families.

      At the same time, during this special holiday, we would like to remind everyone to prioritize safety. Whether you are traveling, gathering with family, or engaging in other activities, please ensure your personal safety and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

      As we embark on the new year, let us join forces and work together to achieve the company's vision and mission. Let us strive to create more brilliant achievements and make a greater contribution to the development of the SMT industry!

Wishing you a happy New Year, a happy family, and good health!

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