What should be paid attention to when choosing laser marking machine

May 31, 2022

       At present, the application of laser marking machine has penetrated into all walks of life, private enterprises, foreign enterprises, domestic and foreign countries.  With the reform and opening up, the development of enterprises is diversified, laser marking machine is undoubtedly far ahead in the development of many industries.  


       Want to stand out in numerous brands and manufacturers must have their own advantages.  So upgrade technology, research and development of new machines, improve the cost performance, to attract customers, improve competitiveness.  For the major manufacturers, factory technology bosses, the choice of their own industry processing laser marking machine products is very necessary.  The following Youngpool Technology to analyze the laser marking machine to buy should pay attention to what:  


       What should be paid attention to when choosing laser marking machine  

First, make sure you pick the right type.  Laser marking machine on the market now a variety of styles, we should know their processing materials and effects, the market will be laser marking machine is roughly divided into two categories: dynamic CO2 laser marking machine can be used in non-metallic materials, optical fiber laser marking machine used in metal and some non-metallic materials.  


       Second, to see the laser equipment, the laser is an important part of the laser marking machine, but also an important factor affecting its quality, some manufacturers on the market is independent research and development and production.  


       Third, to see the vibroscope, high-speed vibroscope, than the traditional production efficiency of 30%, for users to quickly and economically complete processing.  Good vibrio lens can make laser marking machine speed to ensure high efficiency, graphics accuracy is also guaranteed.  


       Laser marking machine purchase qualification reference  

       Fourth, to see the operating performance and module design, a good laser punching machine must be simple to operate, high work efficiency, low labor cost, stable performance.  


       Fifth, look at the after-sales, laser equipment must consider the purchase of after-sales.  


       Youngpool Technology over the years for the market to bring a number of high quality cost-effective laser marking machine.  The company can not only provide customers with a set of laser processing solutions, but also established a perfect quality control and after-sales service system, high-tech, high quality as the standard, to provide users with high-quality, comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sales technical support and maintenance services.  


       Laser marking machine to buy manufacturers  

       With excellent technical equipment and good management experience, yangpu technology takes honest service as the business policy, implements the business strategy of constantly improving and expanding the market, and becomes the leader in the field of laser equipment research and development and application.  Can provide professional laser application solutions and high quality laser intelligent equipment for many manufacturers!  

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